2010 IGD Event

The Gator Club® was proud to clean up Jacksonville for International Gator Day 2010!

We decided to help the Keep Jacksonville Beautiful Commission and Clean it Up, Green it Up for our 2010 International Gator Day event. A group of 25 hard-working Gators (and a Boy Scout troop) spent a couple of hours at the Joe Carlucci Boat Ramp & Park and the 2-mile stretch of Heritage River Road (just off Heckscher Drive) picking up discarded items. What a great job everyone did! We gathered around 20 bags of trash and several bags of recyclables. No one guessed what all we would find. We found a couple of old tires, an old suitcase, and a car battery (Who would throw those things out along the road or in a park?!). We also saw a couple of peacocks and had a nice view of the St. Johns River--so it wasn't all dirty trash! Thank you to each who volunteered... we couldn't have done it without you!